Subject RE: [IBO] Anyone interested in IB_StringList property editor?
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
So are you looking for flame wars, Paul?

:-) :-) :-)

Let me write an story: two people wrote an autolabel for IBO. I couldn't
compile the new release with D3. I had to waste their time to help me in
making it compile and work on D3 plus some small hack I had to include.
Then, when I thought the work was done and was able to compile IBO, some
person that couldn't sleep at night <g> changed one property from integer to
variant in an spinedit. Again, I saw an AV when opening IB_WISQL project on
D3. I had to drain his time to help me resolve the issue. He ended up
writing streaming code, since D3 can't save variants natively. Then, an AV
happened in TIB_Query's design-time editor (Query Forms in IB_WISQL) because
a side effect of the new streaming causes the spinedit to trigger a change
event at creation time (when the targeted query wasn't created yet), where
it previously didn't do. This time I took some minutes to understand what
was happening until I put a test for Assigned() before manipulating the
Since I didn't want to be left out of the fun, I wrote code for the
TIBOQuery's component editor. I forgot that even if D3 might be the lowest
common denominator, Borland can change things. Fortunately, Jason caught the
issue as TFormDesigner is now IFormDesigner and IFDEFed the code.
So, I tend to agree with Lester: proceed with caution, please.


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> Speak for yourself. I want it! <g>
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> > > You could include this property editor into the "IBO_EditorsPack.dpk"
> > > in the "Editors" subdir of the IBO distribution. Then send
> Jason a copy
> > > of the new package and he can put into all his releases.
> >
> > IBO4 please, lets get 3.6 put to bed, and editors caused problems with
> > Builder 5
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