Subject Re: [IBO] Feature Request (Generators) - One last try :) - the explanation why...
Author Christian Mautendorfer
At 09:02 08.02.2001, you wrote:
> > Well in case you're curios I'll tell you why. I set up my database to be
> > able do peer to peer networking.
> > The number of users possible is limited to 100 (or 99 if 0 is the
> > "System"), but easily increased if I change
> > the Increment to 1000 (which I can't imagine I will ever need. 10 is more
> > than enough right now).
>Just add an ID field to the record. It is a lot easier to manage. The
>is to use the generator number, * 100 + User ID, but it is a lot easier to
>all the mods done by ID=X if you can just filter on that field!

Why is this easier to manage?
And about the generator number * 100 + UserID... Why do you think that is
any better or easier?
I don't see any advantage to the offset Generator that is being
inceremented by 100. If there is any
and I'm just too stupid/tired to notice please be so kind as to point it
out to me :)

The ID would give me an additional field and my pk would be 2 fields wide.
Is the mod UDF so slow
that it will seriously degrade performance if I ever need to check that?
(Like I said there is more stuff to this peer to peer, I have a UserID
field that is used on every Edit/Insert,
but is changable so is not suitable for a PK, but is the only one I should
be needing when updating)