Subject Re: [IBO] history of this list as archiv/digest available ?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
we were thrown out of mers, and most of us found the way here. After a
while, Helen got a list of all that had sent messages to the IBO-list in
the last six months or so and resubscribed them. But the rest of you
weren't possible to identify.

I don't know how to download the entire archive if that's what you want,
but all messages can be seen on


At 08:10 09.02.2001 -0000, you wrote:
>i just subscribed to this group, after having been a member to
>the mers ibobjects-list. in november 2000 i got my last daily
>digest from this group, then never again. now (after having
>too less time for caring about this "delivery problem") i
>found out that the group has moved here.
>by the way : a notice about this change would have been fine.
>is there any way, to get an archiv (or digest) of all what
>happend here since november 2000 ???