Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Grid and column order
Author Kaputnik
Yes....and even pretty simple....

Remember that all such visual settings are based in the IB_Dataset, and most
of them are Stringlists.
So you won't examine the Grid, but the underlying Query....

I am using a RX-FormStorage tho store the following lists to the registry in
FieldsDisplyWidth if the user has its own preferences regarding the
FieldsIndex for what you asked for and
FieldsVisible to achieve a field-chooser like outlook or other sorts of crap
have to offer the user....
OrderingItemNo also....

Just a tip for future working...
Go into the query-editor, and open the the result-grid, play
around with ordering, column-resizing and column-dragging and the go to the
FieldProperties tab and look, what new entries there are....
You see, IBO has a true bi-directional communication between the controls
and the datasets...

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> Just a thought!
> Is it possible to store the column order of a IB_Grid in the registry
> or ini-file for later recreation
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