Subject RE: [IBO] OT: Help files help
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Helen Borrie [mailto:helebor@...]
> Sent: MiƩrcoles 7 de Febrero de 2001 3:07
> Heck, I've been using IB for five years and I *still* need the
> handbooks. As to the formats of current docs - Helpfile is Jason's
> favourite at present because it's the most portable and updatable way to
> provide documentation for a Window-based toolset. If the component help
> sometimes seems obscure, just remember that Jason maintains it himself,
> inside the source code. It gets generated into a new version each time
> there is a major release (A, B, C, etc.) so it's not always going to be
> "fresh" for every sub-release.

Helen, the problem is not the format of the help file. When I started using
IBO, I criticized Jason because the help file contained only void stubs for
each method. At first moment, Jason got somewhat angry.
However, Jason himself discovered the problem soon: let's say TIB_Query
provides property ReadAhead (implemented by method GetReadAhead) but it
overrides the same property that was defined first in TIB_Dataset. When you
are in the Object Inspector and you press F1 with this property highlighted,
you get TIB_Query.ReadAhead in the help and there's no explanation, only the
title. However, if you walk up manually to TIB_Dataset and click on
ReadAhead, you will get full explanation.
Jason adjusted the utility that generates help to overcome this problem.
Next help versions had the properties only on the objects where they were
However, some months ago I believe Jason got a new version of the time2help
(is this the name?) program and since then, the help file has the same old
problem. With all respect, this is very annoying and if there's no way to
shut down this dumb action, I suggest that the old version of the program
should be used. This is one of the causes people think that the help file
contains only the names of the properties and methods. The current help file
has this behavior and it doesn't do IBO any favor.