Subject Re: Solution: Problem in TIB_Query and currency...
Hello Claudio.

Thanks for the hint about INT64 values. I looked at your function
(CompToStr) and I understand the problem. I don't know what Jason
thinks about this, but my opinion is that we don't really need these
huge numbers when we deal with most currencies (depends on which
currency, I know...) . Numeric(x,y) will cover most of the ranges
that are necessary, I think (hope!).

I don't think it would be a good idea to use SQLScale in place of
CurrentDecimals... Because it would be possible that we could have a
field with 4 decimal positions and a currency with 2 decimal
positions... And we want to get a currency format.

Now that it works with Numeric(x,y) fields, I think it's easy to deal
with the limitations of this function for now. Maybe we could think
about a function that would do the good formatting for any numeric
values (and for any numeric type with decimals).


Jocelyn Dionne.

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Claudio Valderrama C." <cvalde@u...> wrote:
> Very sensible approach, Jocelyn. Precision is all the number,
not the
> SqlScale as you discovered.
> Result := FloatToStrF( AsExtended,
> ffCurrency,
> 18 {-SQLScale},
> CurrencyDecimals )
> In this case, SqlScale sounds more appropriate in place of
> CurrencyDecimals, but it might be a disaster, not sure.
> Beware that this limit of 18 places may produce weird results
in the
> neighborhood of INT64's top values that go up to 9E18. Maybe Geoff
> the convoluted function I wrote to deal with this problem. See
> function CompToStr(n: comp): String;
> in IBA_Column.IMP if this gives you an idea.
> C.
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> > Why does this return something strange instead of a currency? If
> > look in the help, it says that the third parm is the precision.
> > use SQLScale. I think it's the problem. The help says that for
> > extended variable, we can use 18 or less. So I changed the third
> > parameter to 18, given the fact that you use AsExtended in the
> > parameter. And it works...