Subject RE: [IBO] Sorting
Author Riho-Rene Ellermaa
That's what I was afraid of :(

The problem is not only with 1. letter. The company name may contain big
letters also in other places (like IBM).
Also I enable the user to sort by different columns in grid (name, address,
city, country, contact etc.).
If I put all fields into uppercase, then my program output looks like
something out of kindergarden (like small children, who haven't learned the
small letters yet).
And also the names contain lots of accented characters (ÖÄÕ and worse)

Riho-Rene Ellermaa
senior programmer

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> This is not an IBO problem. It is a general SQL problem.
> There are a number of ways around it depending on the particular
> problem.
> The simplest solution is to only save the field as Upper case.
> A refinement on that is to ensure that the first character is always
> upper case.
> If this is not acceptable, then things start to get a little crafty.
> Create a BEFORE INSERT trigger that creates a second upper
> case version
> of the field and use that for ordering.
> We then get into even more complex areas with collation order
> etc. but I
> have not needed to go there yet.
> ( Creating index number lists in the right order is fun, but is it
> really a problem to start at INV100000 instead of INV000000 )
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