Subject Re: Problem in TIB_Query and currency...
Hi Helen. :-)

First of all, it's obvious that if I entered 25142356.23, I should
have written that the result is: 2.514E7. Sorry for the error. :-(
But, to be honest, 25 millions is not such a big number. ;-)

I'm using IB6, dialect 3 on NT. And yes, I have created a field
numeric(18,4) for this test. Can you explain how the precision and
scale work, please. I always thought that the precision was the
total number of digits and the scale was the number of digits after
the decimal point - maybe too much of RPG on the AS/400 ;-). So, if
I have 18 digits with a scale of 4, I will get a field with 14 digits
before the decimal point. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I have the same result in a TIB_Grid or a TIB_Edit.


Jocelyn Dionne.

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> >Hello Helen.
> >
> >The first time it happened, I was using a 'numeric(11,2)' field. I
> >changed the precision and it did not change anything. So I changed
> >it to double precision because I thought it was a precision
> >
> >Just to be sure, I did what you told in your post. I defined a
> >numeric(11,4) field. I entered 25142356.23 in the field. Look at
> >the result: 2514E7.
> That would be correct for such a number.
> >Same with a numeric(11,2) and numeric(14,2) and
> >numeric(18,4).
> >Anyway, if it's what you think it is, I would have the same
> >in TIBOQuery, but I don't. In TIBOQuery, it's Ok. And it's Ok
> >all these different field definitions.
> What version of IB are you using? (14,4) would be the maximum
> you could get with 64-bit (v. 6, dialect 3).
> But this helps, I think. If it's working with IBOQuery and not
> IB_Query, it could be a problem in the IB_Datalink, the treatment
> variants as Int64, or the control itself. What control are you
using to
> display it? Are you seeing the same output in both IB_Edit and
> >I think the problem is of another kind.
> No answers yet...but it looks as if some facts are shaking out. :))
> Helen
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