Subject Re: [IBO] Installer for IBO
Just my two pennies (cents).

Because IBO is an evolving library, with support for a range of
development systems. Keeping a set of installer information files up to
date is impossible without wasting time. Those of us that maintain
current copies of the work in progress would probably need to use CSV or
something - heaven forbid.

There is probably a case for a simple package of a frozen version, ready
compiled ( one for each target ), but I think it is called the
evaluation version! It's easy for Delphi and difficult for Builder, but
a compiled Builder version could be supplied.

I think IBO3.6 should have been 'frozen' a little earlier, and the extra
design tools concidered properly for IBO4. Once again, Delphi is easy
because Borland do not actually prevent using design time libraries (
which can not be delivered ) while that 'Fault' has been fixed in
Builder, so we are forced to use a separate design time and run time
package. A lot more complication which IBX can get around because it has
no interest in anything prior to Builder/Delphi 5.

The bottom line is that IBO is the ONLY package that I don NOT have
problems with installing. All the others I use I have to correct
'faults' the installer creates!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services