Subject Re: [IBO] Installer for IBO
Author Leonardo Quijano
To explain myself:

The installer model that i got my idea from is the IBX's one. I know
IBX has a lot of problems and everything but I think the installer
does a pretty good job (well....almost! it doesn't look if the Delphi
service pack is already installed).

1) I know that Delphi comes with its own tools for installing
packages. But not everybody who would use IBO for developing
knows how to use it (I know it isn't really hard, but you have to
learn something you didn't want to learn anyway).
2) 400 files in a directory is pretty awful to see. They aren't
organised well enough. I can live with that, but it's something we
could improve. The help files could use a little more organization
too (maybe a main "IBO Reference" and in the inside of that the
rest of the help parts).
3) A well done installer takes into consideration the people who
wants to customize the installation. I really think that a program
has to ask the user where he wants to put the files.

I was thinking of a problem when I installed IBO: I put all files in a
directory called IB_Objects under the Delphi main dir,
decompressed the DCUs (it was the demo version), installed the
package, and tried to compile a small test app. Delphi couldn't find
the unit files, so I had to put them manually on the project options.

Another problem is that I can't choose if I want to step into the
source code of the components when debugging. This makes
debugging hard, because you have to navigate through all the
internal methods of the components to reach your own code, after
a Open or a Post or something. I think this should be an option.
Any suggestions?

Leonardo Quijano

On 5 Feb 2001, at 13:12, Helen Borrie wrote:

> At 08:04 PM 04-02-01 -0600, you wrote:
> >Hi again!
> >
> >One thing that kept me from using IBO in the beginning is that it
> >doesn't have an installer. Is there any project to build one?. I could
> >investigate a little bit and try to write it, unless there is some
> >limitation or a project already in progress.
> Whatever for? Delphi comes with its own tools for compiling and installing
> packages! How hard is to open a dpk file, compile it and click the install
> button?
> >Also, the files (source code, DCUs, etc) need some organization.
> Really? Don't you think they are organised already?
> Helen
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