Subject RE: [IBO] Installer for IBO
Author J. Peter Mugaas
On 4 Feb 2001, at 23:08, Claudio Valderrama C. <> wrote:

> An installer? Are you kidding? I assume that a person that prides
> himself/herself of knowing basic Delphi or basic BCB knows how to install a
> package. This is all the "complex" step.
While many of us are not newbies, for Indy (,
we have to use an installer to avoid support calls. Also, it is not quite
as simple as simplying clicking "Compile" in the IDE sometimes. For Indy,
we have two packages (a run-time only and design-time only) package. For
the run-time package, we have to place the BPL in the user's
WIndows\System directory because some IDE's have problems loading
something which is not in the user's PATH. Than, the design-time package
has to be compiled and placed in the user's IDE.

If you think that is bad, try looking at C++Builder. For that, we have to
convert the BPR file to the MAK. Than, that is used to compile everything
in a way CB Can use. Of course, the files generated by the process have
to be placed in certain places manually. It's either that or compile the
source-code using special parameters with DCC32 and calling TLIB to
important stuff into a C++ library who-knows how many times. The reason
we do not place the .DCU's and BPL's in the directory as the source-code
is to prevent the compiler from constantly rebuilding things.

The step really is more complex than one would think. I know because I
have some expirience with this as Kudzu would be more happy to verify.

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