Subject Sv: Re: [IBO] TIBOTable AfterPost error
Author Kurt Bilde
Hi Vando !

>>> nandod@... 03.02.01 21.43 >>>

>The current case (starting and edit operation in the AfterPost event
>handler - and I wonder why) is at risk even with the BDE, since you're
>not guaranteed to have a record to edit after the post is made.
I do this because I check for .html-files in a users homedirectory. In the Person-table the users shortname is stored. If this changes I check for .html-files in the .Afterpostevent. You see .html can be called both .html and .htm, so I check for the filename a post this... This is done by a global procedure, and it puts the table in edit mode and that how I did find the "error".

>I tend to believe that if someone has based his code on nonstandard
>behaviour (with components that are expected to be totally compatible)
>then he/she was asking for trouble anyway.
I base my souce on standard behaviour, so I don't see your point....