Subject Re: [IBO] TIBTable AfterPost error
Author Nando Dessena

> In my opinion it is understood that the afterpost event is after the
> information has been posted to the server but that the dataset is still in
> the mode of posting an edit of some kind.

you often say that TDataSet's Help should function as an On Line Help
for the TIBO components, so it's there we should find the answer. The
Help says, WRT the AfterPost event:

> Occurs *after* an application writes the active record to the database
> or cache [and the dataset] returns to browse state.

I always thought that the state must be browse during the AfterPost
event and insert or edit during the BeforePost event. Not that I never
wrote code that actually counted on that.
The current case (starting and edit operation in the AfterPost event
handler - and I wonder why) is at risk even with the BDE, since you're
not guaranteed to have a record to edit after the post is made.

> If I change this to suit his request, how many things do you think we could
> be at risk to negatively impacting. The only thing I can think of is if
> someone is using a generic event handler and they need the IsPosting event
> to distinguish something.

I tend to believe that if someone has based his code on nonstandard
behaviour (with components that are expected to be totally compatible)
then he/she was asking for trouble anyway.
In the end, I'd make the change.