Subject Re: [IBO] C++ with IBObjects and Interbase UDF's
Author Chris Hulsey

A Special Thanks to Thomas, Helen, and Geoff for your great support in my
efforts to make my C++ DLL work with the Interbase 6.0.1 UDF. Well after
much effort I finally figured out the real culprit. It is the fact that I
have a line of code in the top part of my C++ DLL source(refer to my first

#pragma link "IB_Components"

I am unsure as to his importance for the functionality of IBO at this point.
I do believe though that he probably was only intended for those that wish
to use IBO in executables(*.exe) versus DLL. He may be necessary for only
the form or presentation side of IBO. At this point I only want to have IBO
functionality from within my DLL for purposes of being called from stored
procedures that process "arrays" for update.

So I am going to forge ahead and see what happens!!!!

Chris Hulsey
Visible Changes, Inc.