Subject Re: [IBO] C++ with IBObjects and Interbase UDF's
Author Chris Hulsey
Hello Geoff,

Thanks once again for your help. Guess what? It is either VCL or IBO that
is the problem with my C++ DLL for UDF purposes. I created a DLL project
without either and it works fine. As soon as I begin to add VCL and IBO the
DLL and UDF no longer works with Interbase. I get the "bogus" message:

"invalid request BLR at offset ???"
"- function MYFUNCTION is not defined"
"- module name or entrypoint could not be found"

I wonder what the work around is for this?

Do we have to have include VCL to use IBO?

Going to try only VCL?

Then IBO only?

My guess is that IBO needs VCL support installed?

Chris Hulsey
Visible Changes, Inc.