Subject Re: [IBO] C++ with IBObjects and Interbase UDF's
Author Chris Hulsey
Hello Geoff,

Thanks for your quick response. I am using the C++ Builder 5.0 Enterprise
Edition. I created a DLL using the DLL Wizard and copied it to the
Interbase\UDF directory for Interbase 6.0.1 and declared a UDF. Everything
seemed ok until I tried to use it in a SELECT statement. I keep getting

"-function MYFUNCTION is not defined."
"-module name or entrypoint could not be found".

I have tried to copy the DLL to all kinds of directories and at this point I
believe my problem may be with the way that the DLL is declared with C++
Builder. There are lots of examples with DELPHI and C but I would like to
be able to do what you have done with C++ Builder.

To answer your question about VCL and IBO. I just put in VCL support in
order to make things with IBO go smoother because I was not sure if it was
needed in order to have IBO within the DLL. I must have IBO because I need
to do "array" datatype manipulation from within my SQL database and nothing
else seems to support this easily.

Geoff you can refer to my original message that includes my sample C++ code
and my UDF. Can you tell me what in the world am I doing wrong. Or can you
send me a sample of your C++ code and UDF in order for me to get this to

This has been a real project killer for me any help will be appreciated.

Chris Hulsey
Visible Changes, Inc.