Subject Re: [IBO] Slow Build
Author Paul Gallagher
Yes, I have rebuilt and double checked that I have all current files several
times. I have another computer, a 233mhz P2, and I will install D6 and IBO
on there to see what happens. The difference could be the faster processor(I
doubt it though).

I was curious what motherboard and processors you are running. I am thinking
about getting an Abit VP6 with dual 1ghz P3's. I currently have an Abit BP6,
but it only supports up to the cerleron 533mhz PPG chips.

I just checked again, and when I run my system at 500mhz, the delay on the
IB_Dialogs unit is about 2 seconds. So if we had the same problem, even at
700, the delay should be quite noticeable. It's more than enough delay to
easily read the line number and module on the progress window.

Sometimes these "little" issues are the ones that drive you nuts. I have a
style(or lack there of) of programming that forces me to change code and
re-run continuously, so the delay is quite annoying. It actually takes
longer to look at the IB_Dialog unit than it does to compile the other 10k
lines of code. And since it is also causing the problem of the IDE freezing
periodically, it is really maddening.

I wonder if there is any other lower level function to look at compiler
progress to try and pinpoint the problem?


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> > If someone wants to try this, just create a new project, drop a
> > IB_BrowseDialog on the form, and perform a build.
> I've tried various setups and compiles and builds here and I cannot
> reproduce any noticeable delay with IB_BrowseDialog. I guess the
> other factor could be that I am running on a dual 700MHz system which
> may make a difference.
> Have you gone in and done a full rebuild of the IBO packages, to be
> sure you have no date descrepencies between files? Just wondering
> that may be making Delphi do more searching.
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