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Author Artur Anjos

I have a small component that I wrote that I use for imports that change all the time. What it does it's simple:

- Read a Line from the Input File
- Parses that Line into a TString, each line cointains one Field
- After each read Call a Procedure, that must do all the job

I have use this a lot in the project I'm finishing, and it let's me decide what to do and what other components to use. I have to use this kind of approach because I need to do some kind of processing and data validation before I send it to the server.

If you want, and find it usefull, I can put this component available to all. I must do some changes in it, because is very personnal ;)

I'm here to help.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Re: Lot's of posts about Kursak's Problem

I've only just got back in after a night away.

I also tried to help Kursak direct, but other problems
delayed things.

My own sample is just read a record, process it and insert
the results, but I an sure we could use an improved text
inport example.

Processing the text file to a fixed format may be a
solution, but my own solution is to eliminate the need for
the imports so the processing time has never been a problem
for me <g>

Thanks for the help Artur.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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