Subject Re: [IBO] Install Release 4_2_Fn Evaluation
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:42 AM 30-12-01 +0000, Artur Anjos wrote:

>There is a problem also with the portuguese version of IB_Constants.pas that makes the install fail (some new constants missing). Maybe there is also a problem with other international versions. I have send a new one to Jason just before version 'n', but he didn't include it in the new release.

To Artur and all other users of the non-English versions of ib_constants - it's very important that you understand and act on the following (quoted from the How_To_Install.txt, which you REALLY NEED to install this software !!!!!!!)

<begin quote>
Non-English versions of this file are supplied for several languages. These
translations are maintained by members of the IBO community around the world.
I do not maintain the non-English versions myself. When I receive new versions
they are added to the kits but there is no guarantee that the one for your
language is up-to-date with the production version of IB_Constants.pas.

If you need non-English language support then do the following BEFORE building
the component packages:

1. rename IB_Constants.pas to IB_Constants-en.pas

2. rename IB_Constants-xx.pas (where xx is your language) to IB_Constants.pas

3. open the English version and the unit for your chosen language using Delphi
or any plain text editor.

4. if the Version declaration does not match, copy the code from the English
version into your own-language unit. The code you are looking for is right
near the top of this unit:

// Version information

(The actual data found in IB_Constants.pas will advance over time.)

If you fail to do this, you will encounter the following fatal error during the
[Fatal Error] users_basic_v18.dpk(46): Unit IB_Components was compiled
with a different version of IB_Constants.IB_VERSION_MAJOR

If other errors occur, you might need to update other code in your unit. You
are welcome to use the IBO list for help with this and to submit your updated
unit for inclusion in subsequent kits.

<end quote>

>I've not tell him about this again, because of this 'little Jason period'.
>(btw, does anyone knows the name of the boy? It was undefined when Helen post the news).

The baby has been named "John Allen".