Subject Re: [IBO] Install Release 4_2_Fn Evaluation
Author Geoff Worboys
> Would someone please get the installation fixed - it seems
> completely broken with message about IB_Constants.pas
> G_DefaultRowHeight, IB_session different version, IB_events etc etc.

Thanks for elaborating - I did not realise until your posts this
morning that the problems were with the evaluation version.

I am not setup to regenerate the evaluation versions - so I suspect
you may need to wait for a new release from Jason.

However I am puzzled by the error message about G_DefaultRowHeight. I
just downloaded the evaluation package and the unit does have this constant defined. Can you please
verify that your file is dated 5-Dec-2001 (and that
it is the only instance of that file on your disk).

Perhaps it is the DCU package that needs updating. In which case we
will need to know which version of Delphi/BCB (and therefore which
version of DCU package) you are using. I just downloaded the D5 dcus
and they appear to also have a 5-Dec-2001 timestamp (although I have
not tried to build the package).

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing