Subject Re: [IBO] BDE to IBObjects conversion
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:20 AM 27-12-01 +0000, you wrote:
One more query question. In one of my querys (which does an insert),
>I use a AsBlob for an input parameter. Does the AsString replace the
>AsBlob? Thanks for your help.

Use AsString in Delphi when reading parameters. When you pass a blob to a blob parameter, with InterBase, you must pass a blob. IBO has several tricks for this, making it possible to assign e.g. a stringlist directly to a TIB_BlobColumn. You can access your IBOQuery's blob columns using the InternalDataset.Row.ByName('MyBlobColumn'). Read up the help on TIB_Column and its descendant TIB_BlobColumn.

With the latest Firebird releases, you can pass a string as input to a blob.