Subject Re[2]: [IBO] Filtering controls
Author D.F.
> Have you looked at using the dataset Filter properties? Presumably
> you want control based filtering in order to have both filtered and
> unfiltered views visible at the same time. I think you will need two
> separate datasets in order to achieve this under IBO (but you could
> tie the two datasets together with events if that was required).

I'm already trying to use separate datasets but it is not very
elegant and resource free (at server side too). In my application
there is a table with tree-organized dictionary data. In another
tables these data is using to fill some fields, so in case of
using separate datasets I need to create one dataset for each sub-tree.

At now I found only one way to use one dataset for the tree-organized
dictionary (without reopening dataset) - I use Filtered=True (without
setting Filter property), then I provide onFilterRecord event code. When
I need to view another sub-tree, I call IB_Query.RefreshKeys and in the
onFilterRecord handler manually select needed records.