Subject Re: [IBO] Transactions in IBO, Delphi4
Author moanytony

Thanks for that ! I don't suppose you have a quick example anywhere.
I am a bit of an Interbase newbie !

Tony D

--- In IBObjects@y..., lester@l... wrote:
> > I am trying to send a bunch of seperate insertion queries to
three /
> > four data tables using IBObjects for Delphi 4 and I need to be
> > to do a Rollback on ALL of theses executions if there is one
> > but the queries are sent from code and not via any stored proc. Is
> > this possible and if so how ?
> Just connect them to the same transaction, and use
> StartTransaction() to set a controlled operation. Make sure
> that the defaults are not AutoCommit, but I think the IBO
> even ignores that once a manual start has been specified.
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