Subject Re: [IBO] Re: User Manager
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:45 AM 20-12-01 +0000, George Helmke wrote:
>I wouldn't know ISC4 if it hit me in the head. Security is also something I don't feel I know enough about now. Can you point me to some links or docs to get me up to speed on this?

ISC4.gdb is a database which is present on the server and stores all of the user names and passwords at server level. Except for SYSDBA, no user other than the owner of a specific database can get any access to that database. Users get privileges to specific objects in a database through GRANTs which are defined by SYSDBA or the db owner, inside a database, in system tables.

The SYSDBA can query ISC4.gdb just like any other database. For metadata details, log in as SYSDBA using IB_SQL and open the Browser, extract metadata, etc.

The command-line utility GSEC provides an interface to ISC4.gdb. It is documented in the OpsGuide.