Subject Re: IBOPipeline & RAP/Variables
Author bztrw
I've been working a similar issue this evening. It seems that when
using DECIMAL(18,4), the result comes back as dtString; I changed the
IBOPipelineUnit code to return dtExtended instead (there's a line
commented out by Geoff Worboys) and then RB recognized the field as

However, upon further investiagtion, any query that I run with a SUM
(Ex: SELECT A, SUM(B) AS SUM_B FROM C GROUP BY A) causes reports to
stop displaying all data; the report still runs, the same number of
pages print, etc (Assuming one record per "A"). If I switch to
TppDBPipeline and TIBOQuery everything works fine. Anyone have a clue
where to start looking for this? I'd tackle it tonight, but I'm out
of beer... ;-)

--- In IBObjects@y..., Oliver Wurdak <e9426420@s...> wrote:
> I have a similar problem. I select values from a stored procedure
like this
> Select MANUMM,SUM(MENGE) as SOLL,...
> from MatVergl(:AID)
> but the report don´t display the field SOLL correctly. It seems the
> handles the field like it is a string. It don´t use the
DisplayFormat and
> the DBCalc objects can´t sum the values SOLL. I tried to change the
> settings (DataTyp,..) but I don´t get rid of this problem. The only
> I found is to use a calculated fields SOLL_ like this
> if AField.fieldname='SOLL_' then AField.asFloat:=ARow.byname
> I use RB6.03,IBOPipeline, TIB_Query