Subject Re: [IBO] (unknown)
Author Daniel Rail

Comments below.

At 19/12/2001 01:58 PM, you wrote:
>I am using Delphi and IBObjects. I have been told to take one
>section of my program, remove IBObjects and use IP Controls. This
>has caused many problems. For example, is there a interbase driver
>for the bde that I can use that will enable me to also create an
>alias? I would really like to show it would be better to stick with
>IBObjects. Can anyone help me out with articles or other
>information. Maybe firsthand experiences?

If by IP Controls, you mean InfoPower. Yes you can still use IB Objects
with them. Use the TIBOTable and TIBOQuery(TDataset descendants)
components with TDatasource for connectivity. We use this combination in
our flag ship application(since it was originally developed for Paradox and
now converted for FB/IB). IP can be used with any TDataset descendants.

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