Subject Re: [IBO] Remote Host
Author Geoff Worboys
> Is there a way to query Interbase from a client and find out what
> databases are available. This is a general browser and I would like
> to give the user a list of choices to select from.

The only way to do this on a remote host is if you maintain a list of
databases in the ISC4 database. There is a function available from
IB_Session that will get the path of the ISC4 database...

function GetISC4Path( const AServer: string;
AProtocol: TIB_Protocol;
const AUserName,
AUserPass: string ): string;

If you create a table in that database you can "register" databases in
a table in that database - then use the above function to retrieve the
path to that database, connect to it, read the table and present a
list to the user. At least thats what I do in one of my databases.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing