Subject TIB_DATE with REL Fn
Author John Tomaselli
Since this is the first F release I have tested, not sure when the ib_date
right and left arrow buttons stopped working. If you press these buttons the
drop down calandar would still display with a new month (same as pressing
page up/down). Now the drop down disappears and the month does not change.

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Turns out its an RBuilder problem. If I replace the TppVariables in
the report template, then add the RAP code, everything is fine, DATE
and TIMESTAMP both work.

--- In IBObjects@y..., "bztrw" <Byrne.Zumwalt@t...> wrote:
> OK, now I'm learning...This problem only occurs when selecting from
> stored proceudre that returns DATE fields; changing the return type
> to TIMESTAMP and modifying the code below to DateTimeToStr solves
> problem. So, where does this leave me?
> --- In IBObjects@y..., "bztrw" <Byrne.Zumwalt@t...> wrote:
> > D6, RB 6.03
> >
> > Has anyone else encountered/solved the problem with RAP and Date
> > Fields? I cannot get Date values to work with TppVariables and
> > they work fine as TppDBText, but when I try to concatenate values
> in
> > RAP I get an On Calc error.
> >
> > For Example: Value := DateToStr(rptPipe['DATE_FIELD']) + ' thru '
> > DateToStr(rptPipe['ANOTHER_DATE_FIELD']);
> >
> > The example above works fine if I switch back to a DBPipeline and
> > TIBODataset decendant. In the Data explorer in RAP, the fields
> > showing as Date. Unfortunately, I have idea where to even begin
> > looking: IBO, RAP, or IBOPipeline.
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Byrne Zumwalt
> >
> > Byrne.Zumwalt@t...

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