Subject Re: [IBO] Problem Re-Post
Author Geoff Worboys
> IBO 4.2Fn
> althought IB_DataSource have AutoEdit set to True , i can't directly
> assign value

> IB_Column.asString := '1';

> the '1' value are discard, when IB_datasource is browse state.
> i must manually issue edit method before assignment , then above
> statement will work.

> this statement work early release.

And it still works in my testing here (also 4.2.Fn), so will need more
information or perhaps a demo application showing the problem.

> Q2.FieldsDisplayLabel /FieldsGridLabel Problem

> Select c.Cust_No , s.po_number
> sales s
> on (c.cust_no = s.cust_no)

> join clause follow with tablealias 'c'
> Field Cust_no show correct fieldlabel 'Cust no.'

> Select c.Cust_No , s.po_number
> FROM CUSTOMER c /* Put join on next line */
> join
> sales s
> on (c.cust_no = s.cust_no)

> place join in next new line

> Field Cust_no show wrong Fieldlabel 'CUST_NO'.

> it seen different alignment of sql statement produce
> different fieldlabel?

> Is this a bug ?

Looks a bit like it, although where the bug lies is open to question.

I can reproduce the bug here on my system so I will investigate a bit
further and see what I can find.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing