Subject Re: [IBO] Re: general question concerning database and delphi
Author Geoff Worboys
I like reading this stuff - its always fascinating to see how others
perform their development.

I've done development in both the methods so far described...
- forms carrying their own datasets and transaction
- forms using datamodules carrying the datasets and transaction

The key to the second approach, as Helen pointed out, is to remember
to create the datamodule with the form - so that every instance of a
form has its own datamodule. (With the possible exception of a "main
datamodule" that carries things like the connection etc - but then
that I create that with the main form.)

So either approach works however if you expect that a form may get
very complex - lots of event handlers and other code - then separating
the datasets etc to their own datamodule (and therefore unit) can be a
very convenient way of making the code more manageable. For simple
forms (very little code) I prefer to simply drop the datasets etc onto
the form - its simple and easy.

My 2c

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing