Subject Re: [IBO] Efficient Record Count
Author dkLists
Bill -

Thanks for the reply. I've implemented this with an IB_StoredProc and a
proc on the server, it's faster than a client-based fetchall, but still
takes a while.

Please read my other post if you think there's a better way.

Thanks again.

David Keith

> A select count(*) would probably be your best bet. For just this purpose
> could get away with using a TIB_DSQL component, although it can be
> accomplished with pretty much any of Jason's querying components.
> One warning : InterBase itself takes some time to do the count, especially
> for large tables (it physically "touches" each record and performs back
> version cleanup as memory serves, there are some threads on that
> discuss this in more detail if you are interested). Thus you may want to
> launch a seperate thread to get the record count to prevent your main form
> from bogging down waiting for the result.