Subject RE: [IBO] V3.6 -> 4 Status?
Author Josipovic, Nikica
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> Subject: Re: [IBO] V3.6 -> 4 Status?
> Artur
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> > 2) Using TppDesigner and allow the user to build is own Query
> inside the report (using the 'Data' tabsheet). On TppDesigner I use
> DataBase Type dbInterbase, and session set to IBOSession. (This
> settings will just allow SQLType 1 and 2, not 3). So, using IBO (no
> BDE).
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> IBOSession must be new to 6, I don't have that option.

There is daIBO in the Files-Area. I think Geoff has had his hands on it
lately, and it is fully compatible with RB5.5 and IBO4. It should work with
RB6, too. This compiled and registered, will provide you with the Internal
IBO-Access in the data-tab.
daIBO uses the TIBOxxx components internally, but can be attached to
TIB_Connection and TIBODatabase.
It works pretty good and allows the end-user to generate high
performance-reoprts using IBO in a generic way.
SQL Type is NOT the Dialect. SQL Type 1 means the subset of SQL which can be
used by the BDE directly to access e.g. Paradox and DBase. SQL Type 2 means,
direct SQL to the RDBMS using everything possible in SQL.

> > Finnaly, the way you want it to: using TIBOPipeline. Never use it,
> because as you see, I don't have the need to. I use TDataSet
> descendants all the time.
> >
> This is what I really wanted to know about ;-)
> > Got it? My english isn't very good, and I have some kind of
> problems explaining myself. But I try harder!
> >
> You're English is fine, I just get confused easily. I still don't
> know about IBOPipeline but your clarification was interesting because
> I havn't used report designer yet.
> Hopefully someone else can tell me if IBOPipeline works with IBO4??
> Regards
> Paul
IBO Pipeline can be downloaded too in the files section and there is an
update to RB5.5 (and therefore should work in RB6)
IBO Pipeline provides pipleines for the native components TIB_xxx.
For the TIBO comps you will simply use the TDBPipline or so.

IBO4 has no problems at all with this stuff. What worked with IBO3.6 works
well too in IBO4, and the RB stuff works perfectly.

Cu, Nick