Subject Re: [IBO] V3.6 -> 4 Status?
Author Artur Anjos
Let's clarify this:

I use two diferent ways to allow a user to create a Report. I will simplify:

1) The user creates a TIBOQuery. Connect that TIBOQuery to a TDataSource, and the TDataSource to a TppDBPipeline. Use the TppDBPipeline in the report. No BDE involved. Perhaps the TppDBPipeline is new to version 6, and in old versions you just have TBDEPipeline? In version 6, TBDEPipeline is a descendant from TppDBPipeline.

2) Using TppDesigner and allow the user to build is own Query inside the report (using the 'Data' tabsheet). On TppDesigner I use DataBase Type dbInterbase, and session set to IBOSession. (This settings will just allow SQLType 1 and 2, not 3). So, using IBO (no BDE).

Finnaly, the way you want it to: using TIBOPipeline. Never use it, because as you see, I don't have the need to. I use TDataSet descendants all the time.

Got it? My english isn't very good, and I have some kind of problems explaining myself. But I try harder!

Artur Anjos

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From: paulphope
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Subject: Re: [IBO] V3.6 -> 4 Status?


Now you are confusing me :-(
> I work with Report Builder. I use TIBOQuery and let the user define
their own queries in both ways (creating a TIBOQuery by himself or
use the Data component in the RBuilder). I use IBOPipeline that comes
inside RBuilder (version 6). It works ok. I don't know if we are
talking about some IBOPipeline to 'pipeline' to IBO Internal
I havn't loaded RB6 yet so I don't know what is in it. However I
thought that TIBOQuery could only connect to TDataSource which could
only connect via a TBDEPipeline to a report. You can connect a
TIB_Query to a TIB_datasource and through to a report via the
TIBOPipeline. You cannot mix these two.

So if you are using TIBOQuery I am surprised you are using
TIBOPipeline - are you sure this is right?


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