Subject Re: [IBO] V3.6 -> 4 Status?
Author paulphope

> > Currently it looks like there are 2 stoppers
> > 1 - Multi select on ib_grid doesn't work?
> > 2 - Report Builder IBOPipeline doesn't work?
> > Is this correct, are there any others?
> Yes & yes.

Now I am confused! Do you mean 'Yes they don't work'? Some of the
replies indicated that multiselect does work but I thought I had read
a message from you saying that it didn't? I have an app that uses
this and I can't take it away - perhaps you could clear up my

The replies where certain that IBOPipeline does work - although I'm
not sure if you use it yourself or are relying on second hand
information for that one?

> I need to revert back the DatePick code so that it works properly.
Using an
> older version of Datepick.pas clears this up.

I don't use the IBO DateTime picker so presumably I won't be affected
by that one.

> Amazing as it may seem, I am not aware of anything else between 3.6
and 4.2
> that shouldn't work well.
That I like :-)