Subject Re: [IBO] V3.6 -> 4 Status?
Author Tomas MichalĂ­k

paulphope wrote:
> I keep an eye on the newsgroup trying to decide when to make the move
> from 3.6 to 4.
> Currently it looks like there are 2 stoppers
> 1 - Multi select on ib_grid doesn't work?
> 2 - Report Builder IBOPipeline doesn't work?
> Is this correct, are there any others?

IMO, it is not correct. Multi select works for me with the only problem
of not automatically selecting current record when ctrl clicking on

I am using RB6.02 in D5, and IBOPipeline certainly works. BTW, I don't
use the data designer in RB (or what it is called).


P.S. Currently I don't recall any serious problems in IBO4.


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