Subject Re: [IBO] Master-Datail problem
Author Salva
Hi again,
I have discovered that if I rename IDDEPAR to ID in detail table, to meke
both fields have the same name, it works as it should.
More over, if i keep fieldname IDDEPAR and I add one new record ID, make
relation USUARIOS.IDDEPAR=DEPAR.ID, master-detail works, but when I insert
one record in detail table, ID value is filled automatically, but the field
that should be automatically filled is IDDEPAR.

Is this a bug, I think so.


""Salva"" <elsalvavidas@...> escribi� en el mensaje
> Hello, I'm newbie with IBO and IB.
> I'm traying to make master-datail relationship with to tables and I MUST
> If I use IBX components it works (tables infact dont't have any "real"
> realation between them or foreign key). They are related this way:
> USUARIOS.IDDEPAR=DEPAR.ID (detail-master). When I insert one record in
> detial table IDDEPAR takes it's value from master table ok.
> If I make the same with IBO it doesn't work, I mean, master-detail
> relationship works ok, but in inserts IDDEPAR value is not set
> automatically.
> Any idea?.
> Thanks, Salva
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