Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOStoredProc still working correctly?
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:08 PM 08-12-01 +0000, you wrote:
>I use the latest version of IBObjects.
>My TIBOStoredProc components are not working anymore
>When a call is done to my storedproc I get the error message 'Invalid
>Cursor Handle'

Is this SP designed (a) to return a dataset or (b) to perform a DML operation?

In case (a) the SP must have return values defined and contain a SUSPEND statement in order for a cursor to be opened.

In case (b) the SP does not return a dataset. If it returns any output values, they will be found in Params[] after execution.

>I've put a TIBODatabase on the datamodule
>I've put a TIBOTransaction on the datamodule
> I've connected the IB_Connection to the TIBODatabase
>I've put a TIBOStoredProc on the datamodule
> I've set the Database property
> I've set the IB_Transaction to the TIBOTransaction
>Now, when I want to select a StoredProcName, I get an empty list,
>while there are several stored procs in my database. Is this normal?

No. What version of IBO do you have?

>When I set Active to True, I get the error 'Invalid Request Handler'
>and Prepared becomes True. Is this normal?

If the SP is correctly set up to return a dataset (has a SUSPEND statement), call Open, rather than setting Active true. It's better (IMO) to treat Active as a read-only property.

If the SP is type (b) (see above) you should call ExecSQL.

Could you post the source code of the procedure that is causing problems?


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