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Author Tom Deprez
I'm not working with a Grid or anything like that, So the Query isn't in sync with what I want to delete.
I'm talking about such kinds of queries. eg:

I've to delete a certain record from the database in this way

delete from holidays where holiday_date = ....

In order to do this, I've to put that in a TIBOQuery.

Other question. What does 'prepare' exactly?

I know prepare means to speed-optimize and put it ready for execution. And that you've to reprepare it when you change the sql-statement. But do you've to prepare a query again when you put another value to a parameter in the query? Basically you then change the query again (because at server side, the query is in fact a string) and does should be prepared again. But is my assumption correct?

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Maybe I misunderstand completely,
but all IBOQueries are unlike the TQuery from Delphi/BDE are completely
"live" automatically when RequestLive is set to true and certain
prerequisites are not violated, so there is no need to do anything at all to
be able to insert, select update and delete records with one component

A IBOQuery is a Dataset, similar to Entity Beans ins Java or Persistent
Business Objects, so they are abstracxt layers to represent data from a
databases. This means a dataset will allow you to work with data just like
an object, and this meas that you can insert(create), change its properties
(update) or delete it. No need to create several Queries for this.


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> Hi,
> If you need to use queries to delete or insert records, do you then
> usually use two TIBOQuery components? Or do you use one and do you
> change the query statement?
> Or are there other methods? (I can imagin that at a certain time,
> there are a lot of TIBOQueries floating around)
> What is the general approach for such a thing?
> Tom.

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