Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Date broken?
Author Enrico Cima
I've replaced the DatePick.pas with the one from IBO v. 4.2F, that is the
one without any modification and it works. (DatePick Ver. dated 25/04/01.)

So for sure is due to something done in the new version released from
november. (release 22 Nov 01 jlw ).

I'm using BCB5 and Win98. But the some with the program compiled and running
under Win95.

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Subject: Re: [IBO] TIB_Date broken?

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> > In my experience, I fixed a non-working TIB_Date a few sub-releases
> ago.
> > The problem I had was with the mouse scrolling of the month window
> popup.
> > I must have wandered into some windows version incompatibility
> issues. I shifted it from one group to another.
> > I would like everyone who uses the TIB_Date control with the
> calendar popup to test the month popup window and report your
> findings for good or bad along with your version of Delphi, Windows
> and IBO.
> I am seeing the problem with BCB5 & W95, W98 & W2K, also D5 with W98
> & W2K. It appears to be in the MouseUp handling, but I'm still Delphi
> illiterate at the moment. Even checking a queries data using the
> query editor shows the problem.
> Is no-one else seeing this?
> HTH,
> Steve
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