Subject Re: [IBO] Datapump from text to gdb
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:24 AM 07-12-01 +0200, you wrote:
>I need a program, demo, or any component that imports data from an ASCII
>text file into gdb files,

If you have any control over the format in which you receive the text file, then have it output in fixed-length format and use the external files feature of InterBase/Firebird. Then you can read the file as a FB/IB table and extract, cast, validate, query, just as you wish, from within the database.

For example, you can loop through the external data in a FOR SELECT loop in a stored procedure and process your 100K rows very quickly, even logging any records that fail validation, etc.

If you want users to browse the file, the external table can be queried into an IB dataset, just like any other table data.

For more info about external tables, see the IB manuals and ask on the ib-support list.


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