Subject Re: [IBO] append doesn't pull generator value
Author Marco Lauria
At 16.38 03/12/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>I've got a query on which I want to Append a row.
>I leave the field 'ID' blank.
>In the query this field is declared "blank is null", the GeneratorField
>property is set correctly.
>The generator value increments, but it isn't copied into the 'ID'-field
>before Post.
>Thus error is generated: "not a unique value" or similar.
>Am I suspected to get the new value copied into the field myself?
>How may this be accomplished?

If you have setup the correct generator link in the form
IBO will fill the field with the generator value...
It will do this before the beforeinsert event AFAIK....
so in the before post you have to see the correct values...
I use this tecquique in every form so I can assure you that it works correctly.
P.S. use the insert and not the append function ... it's faster!