Subject Re: Invalid file handle
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

this is a known issue using Firebird RC1 Build 567 with FORCED WRITES
Turn FORCED WRITES OFF. This will help.

This issue is fixed in Firebird RC1 Build 608.

Best Regards
Thomas Steinmaurer
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--- In IBObjects@y..., Technisoft <plawson@t...> wrote:
> At 22:24 30-11-2001 +0000, sisolutions wrote:
> >I am new to both Interbase and IBO. I have set up a simple form
> >has a TIB_Connection, TIB_Transaction, TIB_Datasource, TIB_Query,
> >and a IB_Edit. I believe I have all the necessary properties set
> >correctly. I can connect to the Database etc. just fine.
> I also get to this point OK, with a grid instead of the IB_Edit. I
> connect to the database in designing mode. But when I try to edit
> query's SQL, I get:
> ISC ERROR CODE 335544344
> I/O error for file 'C:\EMPLOYEE.GDB'
> Error while trying to access file
> The handle is invalid.
> Sorry about what must be a very basic question, but I can't for the
life of
> me see any difference between what I have done and the tutorial
(which is
> great, BTW). And my archive of this list does not go back very far
so a
> search of this, and the help file, has revealed nothing.
> Using Firebird RC1, IBO 4.2Fb, Delphi 5.01, Win98
> Peter Lawson