Subject Re: ADO vs. BDE vs. IBX vs. IBO
Author Kyle Cordes
> From: "Claudio Valderrama C." <cvalde@...>

> What is not available, Nick? There are four ODBC drivers: OdbcJdbc
> (Starkey), XTG (Vanicek), Easysoft (Gorham) and Gemini (Karyakin).
There are
> at least two OLE/DB providers for IB that are expected to be more
> than ODBC drivers due to the number of interfaces: Lipetsk (Kovalenko)

The striking thing about this is that to faciliate broader use, what
Firebird would really benefit from would *one* ODBC driver and *one*
OLE-DB driver, of high quality and rich feature set, well tested, and
"in the box" so to speak.

People want their database to just work. They don't want to have to
think about which of four competing ODBC drivers they should be using.

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