Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQUERY Problem
Author Andy Murphy
Please see responses.

""Jason Wharton"" <jwharton@...> wrote in message
> I've asked you to give me the callstack during the "hang-up" and you have
> not done so.

Yeah I think you missed an email. I dont have a clue how to do this was what
I posted.

> Why you endeavored to rewrite your application as a stop-gap prior to
> what I asked you to do confuses me. Did I miss an email on this somewhere?

Since IBX doesnt do this I wanted to get something out to the customers asap
so I thought I could swap to IBX but this causes other problems with filters
and stuff. Basically I'd have to sit down and learn the difference between
IBX and IBO, something I havent got the time to do. Plus in all other
respects im more than happy with IBO and I'm told when I start our third
system which is a complicated read/write updating client management system,
I know IBO will be the one to use. I want to be consistant.

> Is all we have to do is examine the execution trace to see why it thinks
> needs to pull in all the records. The callstack reveals this easily and
> readily. Should only take you a minute to do this. Without this I am
> a clue.

I agree, I just havent done this, because I'm not sure how.

> Do you need assistance in this critical aspect of Delphi? You have my
> permission to use this list to get this basic assistance.


> It is most critical to have so even though off topic, go for it.


> Couple of hints. In
> your project options turn off Optimization and turn on the use of the
> DCU's. Then, you will have a complete stack including the VCL sources.
> will allow us to penetrate DB.pas and see the whole enchilada. During the
> hang-up in your app, hit the pause button on the IDE, then clear that
> CPU form if it appears. Then, hit F7 to step if necessary. You should get
> breakpoint in the code where it is busily fetching records from the
> Then, in the debug tools find the Callstack and open it. The information
> there is what I need.

ok I'll try that and post it here.

> PS. Just because something appears to work quickly in IBX doesn't mean its
> the right thing to do on a technical level. For example, their Refresh
> implementation refreshes a single record and not the dataset. This is
> to make IBX appear to be faster, but the trouble is, your dataset is not
> refreshed.

I totally agree, I've played around with IBX and I definately prefer IBO. I
think my problem is whilst I can write reasonably good apps in delphi given
a little help, the complicated stuff I leave to component builders, like
yourself. I just buy this stuff and plug it in, read the help files and
expect it to work. I realise it isnt always that straight forward, but
basically, I always thought Delphi was a product that because of the VCL/RAD
nature of the product meant that it was relatively simple to develop quite
complicated programs with minimal technical knowledge. And if you dont know
how to do something, you buy a comp that does.

btw sorry for posting that .txt file I thought 29k would be ok.
BTW you say you cant see this newsgroup in a thread. I use the outlook
express newsreader and it threads everthing correctly if thats any help.

Many thanks,