Subject Re: [IBO] DataPump -> Dataset is currently fetching
Author Jason Wharton
> > Callstack please...
> > Can builder give that to you?
> It can, but as yet I've not worked out how to copy it other
> than longhand, you can't save or cut and paste!
> At the present time the problem has disappeared again, I
> think it will come back when the number of active trains
> drops down again overnight, so I will have another go then.
> The annoying bit is the fact that even though I think I have
> all OnError's covered, it does not go out through one,
> giving it's own message box.

This is not an error that will be caught by the OnError.
It typically happens as a result of a dataset being closed somehow while it
is in the middle of fetching a batch of records.

Feel free to snap a graphic of the screen and send the image to me
privately. That's what people typically do and it works just great.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ