Subject RE: [IBO] TreeView
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:16 PM 28-11-01 +0100, Ales wrote:
>Helen wrote
> >It's amazing - quite slow in the original BDE app and runs like a rocket in
> >converted version.
>do you mean "IBO version" by the words "converted version"?

Yes - talk about evolution (survival of the fattest, LOL) - it was straight conversion of a very complex Internet developer management GUI that I did originally with the BDE and Access, later converted to BDE and InterBase and then, last year, converted to TIBO and InterBase. I dreaded what might happen to the Explorer, as the whole app runs out of this one component - the conversion took five minutes' search and replace in the DFM and PAS files and was up and running immediately - at mind-boggling speed. I've learnt a lot more about IBO since then, but that was the moment when I was hooked for real!

After that, I stripped out about 90% of the code handlers I had written, as well. I had been messing about with IBX, you see... <g>

Now cruisin' in TIBO and Firebird. :)


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