Subject Re: [IBO] Dialup network connection
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:55 PM 28-11-01 +0200, Gerhardus Geldenhuis wrote:
>We are planning to have to dial-up Firebird servers.
>The idea is that the main server monitors when there is a tcp/ip
>request for the client databases and then innitiates a dial-up
>connection(Linux based).

It works the other way around - the server listens for clients connecting on port 3050. Your Linux server's network monitor (not the Firebird server process) decides whether the client is trusted or not. If the network lets the caller in, then the client program starts a connection conversation with the Firebird server.

>What would be the best way in IBO to continuosly
>send out a tcp/ip request. I thought of just trying to connect
>the whole time until you dont get a timeout. Alternatively you
>could ping the server like is done in the "Communication Diagnostic"
>of IBConsole. I dont know if this is something external or part
>of the FB api. If it is part of the FB api is it implemented in

Neither, really. It is done in the TCP/IP layer. You'll notice that the API is really dumb about logging network errors - that's because it just isn't involved in that layer. Under the skin, gds32.dll just knows the appropriate things to say to the network layer, in this case TCP/IP-speak. (it can talk NetBEUI-speak, too!!)

Just connect to and disconnect from the server the same as if it were on a LAN. If the server has a DN of, just use the connection string

I hope you have stacks of bandwidth for dialup connections !!!!!!!!


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