Subject Re: [IBO] Strange behaviour with linked IB_Grids
Author Jason Wharton
> > did you manage to get to it?
> I'm working on it. Lots on the platter...
> Hope to get to it tonight.

Wait, I already fixed this one. I thought there was something else. It no
longer goes into edit mode. I used the Company sample application to see
that it was indeed a problem. It happened as a result of fixing the bug
where the AfterScroll event wasn't getting triggered for detail datasets
when the master changed and made it fetch a new batch of records. By adding
the AfterScroll this triggered the code to update the KeyLinks dataset. Is
all I had to do was add a check to see if it was scrolling because of a
change in the master dataset and suppress the updating of the KeyLinks
parent dataset.

You should just get the latest patch and give it a shot.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ