Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQUERY Problem
Author Daniel Rail
At 27/11/2001 08:54 PM, you wrote:
>Some more quick info on this problem.
>I just tried the app using IBX with simply swapping the database to a
>TIBDATABASE and a TIBQUERY and the problem has disapeared.
>So it looks like the TIBOQuery/TIBODatabase.
>BTW for any one familiar with DevExpress Grids the grid is being used in
>PartialLoad mode where it loads 200 records into its buffer.

Is there grouping defined in the grid when opening the application?

Also, keep in mind that even with PartialLoad activated, as soon as you
do grouping, ALL the records are loaded. This is the reason why we are
gradually discontinuing usage of this grid component.

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