Subject Re: [IBO] Old question again: IBO and Kylix
Author Jason Wharton
> Any ideas on a date for IBO for Kylix ?

Nothing concrete.

And now a word from the excuses department:
It has been rather difficult to support so many versions of Delphi and CPPB
(8 compiler versions so far) so I decided adding in more before sweeping out
some old would not be a good idea. I'm doing code cleanup and shedding old
versions of Delphi support while I ring in the new. I am also putting higher
priority on any bugs that come up right now so that the version I freeze off
for lower versions of Delphi will be less likely to need any modifications.
It is very difficult maintain multiple branches of code and I prefer to
avoid it where possible. Besides, I'd rather have IBO very solid on a few
versions that unstable across more. When I get the Kylix version finished,
it will be worth the wait. It will also be nice to see things for Kylix
solidify some more. It's also a bit difficult since I have to do all of my
LINUX work in my own personal spare time. There is no synergistic overlap I
can claim, which may change in the not so distant future.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ